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Are you married?

No of course not. But some are. Or were. And what do you do when you have some money, you protect your money. You do not want your husband of wife go off with it. So did Andy Rubin, a former Google executive who created the Android operating system. His wife was forced to sign […]

TAX US the ultimate GREED Game

Billionaires in the USA write the president candidates to tax them. Rise taxes for the wealthiest. This is how clever the game is played. You ask for taxes to improve your country and the world. In the meantime you know you willl never pay.

Bad Banks, Bad Airlines.

Bad Deutsche Airlines is the name of the company where high risk flights, with high risk passengers will be founded. Deutsche Airlines can so be saved after years of incidents and riant privileges for top management and shareholders. The question however is, if the public is indifferent to bad pilots as it is to bad […]

Why pay taxes? Trump does not

Taxes. Most people hate them. But they still pay. Why? Be inspired by President Trump. He did not pay any. Report a major loss and you do not have to pay, so reports USA Today earlier. One billion in ten years time.

The democratic difference: money!

There is a lot of talk about democratic issues. But you can recognize a democracy by money scandals. Are they tiny and in the open? You know there is a structured democratic system. Are the scandals big and hidden? No democratic systems involved. In that case there are more possibilities to get the right connections […]

Profit, what else

What happens when the most profitable company in the world issues bonds? Then it is massively oversubscribed. Who doesn’t want to profit from it? Saudi family oil company Saudi Aramco is the world’s most profitable company.  According to credit rating agency Fitch, the world’s largest oil producer made $ 224 billion ($ 199 billion) in […]

A farmer is just a banker

A dot on the European map, the Netherlands. Despite the lack of land, unprecedented in agriculture. How is that possible? Dutch farmers are like bankers. Yes, of course, they like to blame bankers for all their misery. In the meantime (European) rules are bypassed and cheerfully stirred by this community of hard-working entrepreneurs.

Art, Stock or a bonus. Or?

Want to become rich? It is so simple. Immerse yourself in art and discover an unknown Rembrandt. It helps, of course, if you grew up among old masters. Although, you can also become so familiar with the old faces that you sell a painting that hung on the family estate for generations. Not very smart. […]

Oldfashioned dutch business skills

The Dutch are famous for their commercial spirit. The first tradeable share has its orign in the Netherlands. That is why many multinationals have Dutch roots. The government is trying to keep head offices in the country with interesting 0 – rates. A somewhat lesser-known family multinational, SHV brings an old-fashioned commercial spirit into daily […]

Trump saves the climate

The climate. Every day there are posts en stories about the climate and just as many times nonsense is sold. Rescue of the climate starts as often in the country of freedom: the United States of America. The effects of Trump’s tax reform are slowly becoming visible in the financial climate. In the coming months, […]