The Greed game guarantees an evening full of unabashed ransacking, hilarity, anger, the true nature of friendships, but above all, the wonderful feeling of immeasurable wealth.

Order The Greed Game now, and experience it for yourself.

The goal is simple: become the richest player. Ransack your opponents and win. Ofcourse there are rules. But it is up to you and your fellow players to utilized the rules creatively. The game encourages you to collaborate with your fellow players, but also thwart and frustrate them.

Board Game The Greed Game box, cards, pawns, money

The board game is played with dices and pawns on a game board. You trade in stocks and commodities. Gamble with currencies. Sign up for attractive business opportunities and take out loans as huge as possible. Remember never to invest your own money. To get further, to be successful, you need to buy the right connections. With the right people your chances rise and you can reduces your cash investments.

As banker you are entiled to lend even more. So try to be the banker. Are you flexible enough? And are you able to put your emotions aside?

What is in the box?

Check the video below and discover what is in the GREED Game box

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board greed game

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